Missed calls from Pakistan to India on Mobile phones !

I have been getting missed calls from Pakistan. Now what are they up to calling the normal citizens of India !

The first call came a couple of days back from a number +923087509449 and as soon as I was about to give call back thinking i have missed someone’s call, I saw the number again. …. Ohhhh its +92XXXXXXXXXX suddenly it stuck me its from Pakistan. Why on earth someone will call me from Pakistan ? I would prefer a call from Jhumritaliya but not from pakistan please…

It was after 2 days again that i got a missed call from +923475344647. Now the phone was right in front of me and as soon as i could pick it up before the first ring ended the call got disconnected.

Well this is someone playing a prank across the border.

I then Googled it up and found the real motive. These guys have started a racked of fooling people.

Earlier it was the so called Nigerian Lottery Scam and now it seems the Pakistan’s unique way of fooling the common masses. With innocence we call back not realising that we are making an ISD call to Pakistan.

Unfortunately, no advisory is issued to the common person. What should you do in such cases? How do they get our numbers?

Well, call it the Raja way who play with the spectrums! as obvious if we create a mess of our infrastructure and SELL it – our neighbours will take advantage.

We should take strict action and ban such service providers who share our data…

Finally, for those people who make calls…At least don’t take away the trust from each other that people stop calling back.

This is a medium that defy the boundry lines and help joint hearts across the world…please don’t do any harm that someone is forced to put barriers and checks.

And yes, +92XXXXXXXXXX – STOP and do not call back as there are many who are likely to fall in the trap !

Where do we complaint? – sorry please do help me as i am looking for this answer…

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